Cataract Consultations

Older man talking to his optometrist about cataracts

We check everyone for cataracts during our comprehensive eye exams. Cataracts are a slow clouding of the eye’s lens. This clouding causes reduced vision, glare at night, and diminished color perception. Some factors that contribute to cataracts include:

  • Long-term exposure to UV rays
  • Certain medications (corticosteroids)
  • Genetics
  • Age

Unfortunately, if you live long enough, you’ll probably develop cataracts. There’s no surefire way to prevent cataracts, but the progression can be slowed. Protecting your eyes from UV rays with a good pair of sunglasses is the best way to do this.

Cataract treatment includes surgery to remove the eye’s natural lens and replace it with a clear, plastic lens called an IOL (intraocular lens). This procedure has improved greatly in recent years, making for quick and painless operations. Cataract surgery is usually covered by both medical insurance and Medicare.

Our optometrists co-manage cataract surgeries. This means that screening and pretesting procedures will be handled at our office. We'll also handle post-surgical visits to ensure the best possible outcome for your operation.

If you have any questions about cataracts, or would like to be screened, contact our office and make an appointment today.

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